I am Pauline, I have a certain passion for French pastries (they are the best things about this country! Also BAGUETTE!), my favorite word is “putain”, and I may have a weird squeaky laugh (that’s what my friends say!).
The rest of the time I am also a photographer, art director, human of the world. I kinda live in Los Angeles most of the year, but because my heart is everywhere, I am always off to some crazy adventures all around the globe (including swimming with big fish because I love them SO MUCH <3 ) 
I am putting all my heart and soul in this website / project, and I truly hope it will inspire you in some way. 
Lots of love et plein de bisous! 


FUN FACTS : I got bitten by a tiger once, I can hold my breathe for more than 4 minutes, and I still don’t know how to ride a bike!



In the creative community, it’s often hard to free ourselves from the "NOT ENOUGH » syndrome.
We feel like not having enough or not being enough: not having enough ideas, not working enough, not good enough, not enough « likes », not ready enough, not known enough, not enough gear, not enough money, not enough contacts etc...

I often find myself in a dead end street, where I have the feeling I don’t have enough good gear, that my photo studio is too small, that my level is not high enough etc…(some days I could just go on and on and on…) The worst is that quite often, this feeling prevent myself from getting what I actually want! Can you see the old vicious circle settling in…?
I want to focus on what I have, and first and foremost on what I can do, to share it with everyone!

My goal with this blog is to create a helping creative community to stop thinking about all the things we don’t have or that we’re not, and to focus on what we can do with what we have: (in my case it’s a camera, a gaffer tape, and the desire to experiment things!) We all have the opportunity to create incredibly creative pictures, no matter what our gear is. My every day goal is to try to find a way to have the best in me, the ability to create cool pictures with two polystyrene boards and black gaffer!

Welcome to this website, I hope you find your place, answers, inspiration, and especially the desire to create beautiful things, whether you’re simply curious or driven by the passion of pictures!

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