How to develop your creativity in your daily life

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Too often, we get caught up into our daily life, and we don’t realize it fills all the space in our minds : 
 we are always in a hurry in the morning, getting the kids ready, running after our train, not even taking time to eat breakfast, then we are busy answering emails, calls all day long, try to socialize with our colleagues, taking every minutes of our break to check Instagram or Facebook, get back home, remember to do the laundry, eventually cook something, crash from exhaustion in front of Netflix, and start again the next day. Until we die? 

I can find 1000 problems inherent with this crazy modern lifestyle but the one I want to focus here is headspace : Our brains are overstimulated. Thousands of years of evolution brought us here, but the modern life constantly chasing productivity is only a few decades old, and the domination of screens and social medias and notifications are even newer. The truth is we are not designed to process such a big amount of informations. We all know the consequences of the lifestyle : burn out, depression, anxiety, or just constant exhaustion, which became so normal you are not even paying attention to it anymore. 

I think one of the problems is also that we are not allowing ourselves to be creative anymore. 

Creativity does not have to be having a crazy weird concept for a photoshoot : Creativity is the ability to come up with fresh ideas, and to connect informations together to get something new. It is about coming with a solution when a problem arise, it is about taking the time to imagine what you want for your future, or what awesome cake you are going to bake during the week end, it can be about anything! I deeply believe anyone has the the ability to be creative, it is not a superpower, but not anyone is actually leaving enough space in their lives to be creative. 

Why do people have more ideas in the shower? Because they have no distraction, it’s an great moment, no screen, no phone, just you, being relaxed, enjoying a moment. (Fun useless fact : I never have had any ideas in my shower :D ) 

Creativity needs some space to exist, fresh ideas can’t come up if your brain is constantly thinking about your groceries or if you are pissed of by your boss (even if he deserves it!). So here are a few techniques on how to make headspace in your brain to let ideas arise (tested and approved my myself with love!)  

Get organized

Not everything is wrong with our modern life, and the apps are amazing tools that allows us to be more organized and to have some more space in our brains. I just don’t understand people who says they will « remember » this appointment we just made! I mean come on, just write it somewhere, so you don’t have to think about it anymore! Personally, everything that implies me being somewhere or doing something at an exact date goes into my Google calendar. Every ideas I have on the go goes to my Evernote (for example reflexion for this blog, and I am writing this article on Evernote right now). Every ideas for photographs are in notebooks. My groceries lists are on post it (the old school way!). Trello is helping me keeping track of what I have to do for this blog. And I even have a cool app which tells me when I am going to be on my period! (it helps me know right away if the reason that I feel like crap is my hormones having a party! Super useful girls, check it out) NOTHING stays stuck in my brain! All these tools are like assistants taking care of the details of my life so I can focus on my main goal : be present to my life, my friend, and create awesome photographs and content here with LOVE! 

Fun fact : I heard Steve jobs was always wearing the same simple outfit so he didn’t have to think about what he was wearing every morning, so he had more headspace to do something else. He is clearly not remembered for being a fashion icon, but this guys had ideas for sure!

Allow yourself to be bored

Ideas need space to grow, and if you are constantly distracting yourself, no doubt it’s hard for you to get new ones. Everyone is constantly checking his phone, we are not allowing ourselves 5 minutes of just doing nothing, and this Candy Crush thing is not going to help you solve your problems!
Fun fact : some scientist did a cool experiment, people had to wait in an empty room with no more informations that that. They knew they were here for a test, so they were just told they had to wait to get called to start the experiment. All this time the experiment of course started without them knowing it and they were filmed. In the waiting room there was just a box with a button beside them. This specific box was in fact designed to give them a small electric shock each time they pressed it. EVERY one of them touched the button repeatedly even though they get hurt the first time they did : people prefer to feel pain that being bored, this is how much our human brain can’t handle boredom. 


I am not a professional of meditation myself : I find this highly intimidating to sit and do nothing even for 5 minutes. Though I try to be more mindful in my everyday life, to step away from my emotions, and to be more present for example when I am walking in the street. I concentrate on the details of the world around me, instead of thinking about 594 stuff. I can see the difference it makes right away on my mood and balance, and I can’t stress enough the power of meditating. You can try it out with and app, there are great : Petit Bamboo in french is the most famous, while Headspace or Buddhify are great for english speakers. 

Find a stimulating environment

When I was a student, I spent all summer working in a bank. And I though I would die. Nothing ever ever would stimulate my brain : I was surrounded by people with no passion, no dreams, everything was grey and sad, this was the worst environment ever, stuck in an office behind a computer doing repetitive tasks with almost no human contact. I can’t think of anything worst, and the truth is it represents most of today’s office job. This is terrifying to me. Later on I was working in an advertising agency and they would put us in a closed meeting room between 2 and 3 pm and expected us to have awesome ideas for a new campaign. No windows, no nothing. No need to tell you it did not work. Nowadays I am going in a trendy coworking space, I chat with inspiring people during my break, they are building their projects on their own, we always share ideas. Sometimes what I though was a 10 minutes wasting my time chatting brought me the solution to the problem I was stuck in for 2 hours. Be careful of who you are surrounding yourself with and where, because it does impact the way you apprehend your world. 

Go on holidays

I don’t know about you guys but when I am travelling and I take a real break, I am happy to rest the first week and eventually after 10 days maximum, I start to get bored of not creating new stuff so I start to get all crazy excited with new ideas again. I usually get enough distance from my daily life to identify the problems, the things I don’t want to do anymore, the things I want to do more, and I always come back home with a plan to start fresh. I am deeply convinced that holidays make me so much productive and help me define my vision. 

Try a creative retreat

A creative retreat allows you to leave your your environment for a while, it can be in your country or anywhere in the world, in the place of your choice. It is not exactly holidays, because you are not chilling or visiting, but all your mental space is dedicated to created something into the perfect conditions. It gets easier to break through your blocks and mental barriers you usually have during your daily life. No one is interrupting you, you can decide to be surrounded by other creative people, it challenges your habits and your vision of the world. For me that’s is just THE ABSOLUTE BEST to achieve big ass projects. 
This is really common with musicians, a lot of bands go rent a house or a studio somewhere, and spend their time doing music everyday and night, whenever they feel like it. I remember photographing the Half Moon run (awesome chill guys!) and they were talking about the process of creating their new album : they rented a house in Canada by the beach, lived altogether for a while, away from the « real » world, went surfing every morning, and spent the rest of the day writing songs. Creating a « bubble »  is the best for big project, like writing a book or building a business because it helps you focus and gives you so much headspace to create your new masterpiece.
I personally built my portrait studio while being stuck in a farm in the middle of Australia, and I am currently writing this article in Bali where I retreated for a month! And these are probably the two times I was BY FAR the most productive in my whole life! One of my dream here is to organize creative retreats so keep in touch if that speaks to your soul! 

So here is this new topic, I am really passionate about the subject and just couldn’t figure a way to write less! Tell me what do you think about this idea? Are you caught up into you daily life? How big is that problem for you? What are your techniques to get more headspace? 

Lots of love as usual <3

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”- Buddha

10 before & afters in Photoshop

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Here are 10 examples of before and afters in Adobe Photoshop! Curated for you, with love! (alright I actually did after / before, just let me do whatever I want :D ) 

When people see me editing pictures (when I am in a coworking space for example) they always want to see the before and afters! I think this is an entertaining part of my job, and I always love to share it! I believe there is a lot of mystery around creation sometimes, and we all loves to see the behind the scenes of our favorite movies! Photoshop has definitely his own magic, especially for fine art photographers, and I am glad if I can help you understand more the process that goes behind creating theses pictures so you can get inspired by it! 

I think it is very easy to achieve really cool results simply if your ideas are good, so here all my secrets! 

Take your innocent niece, have a friend with a creepy hand, a black brush to have Camille’s arm disappear, some color correction and we’re done here!

Take your innocent niece, have a friend with a creepy hand, a black brush to have Camille’s arm disappear, some color correction and we’re done here!

An upside down picture, add darkness, add stars, boom done! (the light was shot on camera, it is a speed light reflecting on the surface of the water)

An upside down picture, add darkness, add stars, boom done! (the light was shot on camera, it is a speed light reflecting on the surface of the water)

Made myself look fitter (express gym session!) changed the hand, added darkness (I do love the darkness!) add stars again, BOOM done!

Made myself look fitter (express gym session!) changed the hand, added darkness (I do love the darkness!) add stars again, BOOM done!

Put a friend in a kid inflatable pool, clean and extend the background, color correction, BOOM DONE!

Put a friend in a kid inflatable pool, clean and extend the background, color correction, BOOM DONE!

Wear this dress you love but never go outside with, extend the background, make it red, HOP!

Wear this dress you love but never go outside with, extend the background, make it red, HOP!

Photograph a friend, do weird stuff on his face, have him be grateful for it : perfect creation!

Photograph a friend, do weird stuff on his face, have him be grateful for it : perfect creation!

Steal a flower in your neighbor garden, stuck it on your face, add hair, extend the background, EASY!

Steal a flower in your neighbor garden, stuck it on your face, add hair, extend the background, EASY!

Go in the middle of a meadow, ignore the cows judging you, clean the background, add birds, color correction, and you’re done!

Go in the middle of a meadow, ignore the cows judging you, clean the background, add birds, color correction, and you’re done!

Tape yourself some flowers around your body, look sad, add more flowers, color corrections and THAT’S IT!

Tape yourself some flowers around your body, look sad, add more flowers, color corrections and THAT’S IT!

Stuck your face in Christmas LED lights, look very proud about it, erase the wires, add geometric stuff, BOOM!

Stuck your face in Christmas LED lights, look very proud about it, erase the wires, add geometric stuff, BOOM!

I have a very few rules in Photoshop, I would say my big one is that I HATE TO CUT OUT, so I always find a way not to do it. For example if my final result is in a black background, I will shoot on a black background, simple, and I am saving myself A LOT of time! 

Also, I think I am spending half of my editing time extending the background to make my picture bigger. EACH DAMN TIME! I think It’s because I always crop it in a weird way. Why not shooting from a bigger distance : firstly I can’t MOST OF THE TIME because I am photographing in a small space, and secondly I don’t want to crop the original photograph because I don’t want to loose quality. While I am extending it, I am making the file bigger, which is nice to have big prints. 

What do you think? Did you imagine it was the work that went into some of these? Do you struggle to achieve your vision in Photoshop? 

These are older pictures, but if you love this type of article, don’t hesitate to let my know in the comments,I will do more of them! 

how to self critic your photographs while you are retouching them

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So that’s it : you photograph this really cool picture, you just spent three hours retouching it, and you don’t know what to think about it anymore. Is it good? Is it bad? NO IDEA, you are still hesitating not knowing  if you are a genius who created the masterpiece of the century or if you need to burn your house so the world doesn’t see this abomination! What you know though is that the picture makes no sense anymore, just like a word you repeated too often (That actually happens to me quite often with my photographs!)

This feeling is perfectly normal! (I think) So here are some tips on what I am doing personally to self critic my work, before even showing it to anyone : 

- “Squinching” my eyes so I am blurring the picture I am looking at :

I do it all the time : it allows you really simply to get rid of all the details, to see if the composition of the picture still makes sense. You also have to know to know that your eyes are attracted to the brightest part of a picture : are there too much bright elements on the picture? not enough? a bright part that is catching your attention while it’s not a point we should be focusing on? 

- Take some distance LITTERALY :

I will always put my picture on full screen, get up from my seat, and look at my picture from the other side of the room. I have a 27 inches screen, so it allows me to see it how it would look on a wall if it was a print this size. In a museum, you usually experience a print or a painting from a distance and then you go closer to check the details. If you stay just glued to your screen you will never experience this perspective! 

- Check how it looks on your phone, very small :

I will always ALWAYS screenshot my work even when it is still in progress, and send the picture so I can see it on my phone. (I am sending a message to myself with the picture through Facebook messenger, it’s probably not the best way to do it, but it is simple!) Same here, you are working on a big screen, so you want to see how the picture will look 57 times smaller. Is it worth spending 2 more hours on details? How is the composition? What part of the picture attract your eye? I have at least 4 or 5 version of my “work in progress” pictures on my phone

- Take a break :

You need to come back to your work with some fresh eyes, a fresh mind, and something might jump into your face!

Now that you are happy, you think you’ve done a great job, the composition works, everything looks damn fine to you :

I know you are all excited and you want to share your masterpiece to the world but please GO TO SLEEP (that’s also the moment I recheck the screenshots on my phone!) 

You’ve probably heard about this thing called retinal persistance, or persistance of vision : due to being exposed to light or the same color for a long time, we keep an image that is just like printed in our vision. You can totally see what I mean when you have a flashlight in your eyes and you see a square of light for a few seconds. This thing also occurs when you are retouching your pictures for a long time. So for example, you do your thing, you are quite happy about it, you post it and then it’s the morning : and you realize that DAMN IT’S SO BLUE!! You didn’t see this picture looked WAY too blue the night before because you’ve got used to the color and your eyes compensated for too much blue. But now this is the only thing that you can see!! 

So I will always finish a picture, and the day after I will always have some adjustments to make. ALWAYS. I feel that you can’t skip tho one if you want to get better at color correction. 

All of them are about to change perspective, they are about making tiny adjustments that will make your photograph just perfect. So you are just so proud about it!

I also want to add that the more you will create, the more you will see and be able to judge your work! This is a picture I shot 5 years ago, it is one of my first self portrait ever. I didn’t realize it was SO YELLOW at that time. The skin tone is just so so wrong! Now this is the only thing I can see! So I adjusted it so you can compare how my vision changed and got more subtle :)

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Which one is your favorite picture? Can you judge your work, and other people work easily or do you need more help on this? Tell me EVERYTHING!

How to stand out from the crowd

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Your work is finally good but you are afraid to take the leap to turn pro : here what you have to be focused on : 

Weird practical advices to set yourself apart from the crowd of photographers and be hired

If you have the project to turn pro photographer (or pro musicians, actor, anything!) the transition is hard : one of the worst thing most common we tell ourselves (and others will tell us FOR SURE so get ready) is :

« oh but there are already so many ____ (pick you dream job) there is no point, I can never make it work, there is no room left »

First of all, there is room for everyone. Even if the truth here is there are a lot of photographers that you think have a great portfolio. But on all of them I assure you than 90% of them don’t have these following qualities! An d this is GREAT for you because here is your chance to be different! 

So how to stand out when there is so much competition around :

- Have your own vision : (alright this one is not weird but I could not not include it)
No great photographer is ever hired because they have the most expensive newest camera : people want to buy their unique way to see the world! When I say Peter Lindergh, straight away I can see the mood of his portraits, he has his own unique signature and voice.
Find your niche, the thing that makes you awesomely unique! You might not know what it is yet, but the more you create, and the more defined your style will be. Hopefully there will be plenty of articles here to help you with this part! 

- Answer the damn phone, answer the damn email : be reactive
It seems like common sense but believe me, but it is not that easy to find. People wants to see you are reactive, that you care, not that you wait a week before answering their quotes. I remember being an art director, I was in charge of printing the magazine I created. it was a big budget, I asked for 12 quotes and I had two companies answer me… I realized that some people actually don’t really want to work this much! 

- Be nice and friendly :
Believe me, if someone is hesitating between two photographers (who have the same rate), they will choose the person that was a great time to be around last time! It’s not that hard to connect with people, be curious and open minded. If you are passionate about what you are doing, you will inevitably send a good energy and people will be attracted by your personality! I have a friend who is a photographer, and he always post silly stories on Instagram, he does weird funny self-portraits of himself, (as well as really goof photographs of course) and he told me that he got a commercial job because the guy who hired him found him funny compared to another photographer. True story. 

- Deliver the damn pictures!
So you get a call because some guy found your work really unique, you made the effort to answer the phone, you put on your nicest clothes and smile, you rocked the photoshoot : THIS IS NOT THE MOMENT TO DROP THE BALL!! Deliver the pictures in time! You can’t imagine the number of photographer that are just behind on their retouching. Even really good organized nice well paid one! Finish the job properly with love! 

So if you are a good photographer but you also do this, trust me, people are more likely to call you back because they know you are going to deliver a great service! it is how I got hired by the most beautiful palaces in paris : I answer my phone when they call me, I show up, I am never late, clients like me, and I deliver nice pictures on time. And you might not believe me, but I have a such a hard time finding someone to replace me when I can’t be there myself. 

It’s about being professional, and even if there are THOUSANDS  of photographers out there, the competition is not as tough as you think. Especially when you put a minimum effort and love in what you are doing! If that sounds like common sense to you, that’s great news, it means you are ready! No more excuses! :) :) 

(I want you to notice that gear does not matter here! And if you need a special piece of equipment for a job, just rent it!)

LOVE TO ALL! I would love to know your opinion about this!!

How I became a professional (paid) photographer in 5 steps

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So one day I decided I was done working as a designer and I decided I would finally live my dream and become a full-time photographer. Here is how I did it, and how it can help you do it as well :

I didn’t study photography : I studied graphic design, and everyone reaction is « ooohw but that’s the saaaame! » and I say yep it’s close, I do have a strong visual culture, and it certainly helps. But I had no idea of how to put the rights settings on my camera, I never retouched an image in Photoshop (though I was a superstar at removing getty and shutter stock copyrights logos thank to my many interships in advertising agency -_- ) and above all the HUGE pain in the ass scary part was to learn LIGHT, especially STUDIO LIGHTS


So just before I quit my designer job (this is another story) I was spending half of my time looking at photography blogs. And my constant question was HOW DID THEY DO IT 
Because when I was photographing something, clearly it just did not look like the same, no matter the love I was putting in it. I did not understand what was their secret behind the mood I was loving in their images WHAT WAS THEIR SECRET 

Especially looking at photographs done with studio lights and speed lights, these one gave me such a headache I WANTED TO KNOW HOW IT WAS DONE

I still ask myself this question now when I see something I love, and most of the time I understand right away how it’s done. On the negative side, knowing all the behind the scene, the magic is kinda gone now, everything has a price :) 

so from this obsession I started to look for information
I was tricked by the beauty of the photographs by Joey L : and because he is a chill guy he had a blog and it gave me a good starting point to understand his work and his vision. then I came across the strobist website : so for those who don’t know strobism off camera flash david hobby
speedlights . 


I did not want to go back to school and understiood I could find everything online to set me up! (remember it was 5/6 years ago, it was not as obvious as it is right now!) 
I would watch some videos in the morning and practice in the afternoon

My favorite ones (at that time but they are all still awesome) I am not sponsored, I just love them :) 
- Creative Live for just almost everything
- The Strobist for learning to use off-camera speedlights as awesome studio lights
- Phlearn for Photoshop (but beautiful Photoshop, not kitschy ugly stuff)
- Sue Bryce for Photography and the business aspect of it


So I was watching all these videos talking about soft boxes, beauty dish, reflectors. For me it was out of the question to buy something I did not know how to use, I did not even understand why I needed these stuff so I decided to build them from scratch. Basically I had every single modifier on the market as a cardboard version!

Here a few examples :) 

Light modifiers :
- A diffusion panel with plastic plumbing pipes and the cheapest Ikea white curtains as a diffuser
- A soft box with cardboard and a survival blanket glued inside + curtains for diffusion
- Damn it I swear I did not understand why people were using reflectors so much! Same here, cardboard as a base. I had a white side with paper, the other side was survival blanket, and I even made a golden side! 
- A ring light with a stripe of LED lights (cheap LED lights are AWESOME) 
- A snoot? EASY! Cardboard and gaffer tape of course! 

Cardboard reflectors and my beloved homemade softbox &lt;3

Cardboard reflectors and my beloved homemade softbox <3

Backdrops :
- A white wall (that often means moving the furnitures a lot!)
- I painted fabric (that was given to me) to have different colors
- I also used a pair of black sheet (that someone gave to me as well!) and I taped it directly to the wall ahah (not my best idea, don’t do it, OR be ready to paint your wall after :) ) 

I finally bought a Photek soft lighter soft box after 3 years, and I got my proper paper backdrops just a year ago (and a friend gave them to me ahem, though I could not live without them anymore) 

I got my first paid shoots with this and i NEVER EVER EVER had anyone tell me « oh but this is not a real soft box! people don’t know, people don’t care, they all came to me because they loved my photographs looked, not the way my « studio » looked :) 

Photographed in 2014 with my homemade cardboard softbox and black sheets as a background

Photographed in 2014 with my homemade cardboard softbox and black sheets as a background


I had no idea what I wanted to do especially : as you know there are many types of photographers : you can do landscapes, portraits, fashion, culinary, ANYTHING 

Most of the time I reproduced a cool technique I saw some other photographer teaching, and little by little after a few months, I realized I was attracted more and more by the same kind of result. I kinda found my style like this! 


I would team up with a friend some days and we would be very nerdy and try lighting and stuff. Basically it sounded exactly like this : « Hey what do you think it does if I press this button? OoooooH AWESOME! » 
Also I photographed ALL my friends. When I didn’t have any friend available I photographed myself, and that’s the main reason I started to do self portrays. 

And when the friends of my friends saw their pictures on Facebook, they started to contact me and that was it : 


Why perfection is a pain in the ass

Capture d’écran 2019-03-08 à 06.30.46.png

What if we decided to let go of this massive struggle that is the quest for perfection? 

I decided it would be a perfect subject to start this blog! As you can see, the website is just not ready, I don’t have a logo, I don’t even have the good domain name! But my friend challenged my to write and publish one article everyday in march, so I don’t really have a choice : honoring my word is more important than anything else. So let’s do this, even if it’s faaaaar from being perfect :) 

So why is perfection such a problem in our lives? 
I discovered there is even a fancy greek word for this : 
ATELOPHOBIA (so now you can look like a pretentious know-it-all at parties, yep don’t thank me!) Which means literally the fear of imperfection : it’s is the fear of not being good enough. Sounds familiar? It looks not like much said like this but it leads to a lot of real troubles : anxiety, depression, and even suicide in the worst cases. 

I know that the quest for perfection can make our life like hell : we feel like we are not good enough, that we are not ready yet to publish this artwork, that we are to fat to deserve to be loved, too old to learn this new skills. We are just not ready. To the point we don’t even start anywhere. It becomes this massive block. I don’t need to remember you that almost all the signals from the world we are living in are remembering us on a daily basis how imperfect we are. For some of us it’s our parents, it’s our grades from school, it’s the influencers on social medias, the thin young girls on magazines, the advertising trying to sell you stuff, anything, just pick your favorite one! 

I can’t tell you how many people told me « I really want you to photograph me but I will come when I loose 5 kilos! ». (kinda 10 pounds) These people usually never come for a photoshoot : they are waiting to be the perfect version of themselves which will never exist, because there is always going to be something they don’t like. It’s the eternal internal fight between seeking what you don’t have, or realizing what you already have and be grateful for it. 

So as a result, we procrastinate, we think we are looking for perfection where in fact we waste our time not doing the stuff we love and not living the life we want. We are looking for the perfect conditions (which will never exist of course)

As a creator, we are first in line when it comes to this damn fear of imperfection : it’s hard to know if our idea is good, if it worth the time and energy to create it, sometimes it is so hard to know when our creation is just over (I swear I could spend 18 more hours on retouching any picture!). Sometimes we never finish what we start, sometimes we finish but never share it to the world, sometimes we never let go. And most of the time we don’t even start this new piece or this new project, because we are so afraid to fail that this fear is paralyzing us. We’d rather do nothing than doing something incorrectly.

Ahah as I am writing  and realizing that I am so guilty of this! There is not a moment I don’t get terrified before a creative photoshoot, I fear I will suck, that I will waste the time of my model, that I won’t be able to deliver what I imagined. 

Are we doomed forever? What tangible things can we do to release a bit of pressure : 

The best advice I can give is to set yourself a deadline : 
But a real one, with real grown-up consequences. It’s easy to respect deadlines when you have clients and a project to deliver, but when it comes to personal project and creation, it is another whole procrastination story. For example, because my friend is helping me in the process of creating this blog, I just don’t want to disappoint her : she told me I would have to write one article every day, so I am doing it. And trust me, if it was just for me, I would be sleeping right now or watching Netflix (or both at the same time!!) But I have to write this before the end of the day!! So I am grateful to have her supporting me here, because this would’t exist! 

So the second one is : find yourself someone you are accountable for :

A coach, a mentor, someone who will support you and encourage you to go to the right direction. From personal experience I wouldn’t recommend a close friend or family, because it’s hard to get an objective feedback on what we are doing when feelings are involved. And most of the time people that are not working in a creative industry won’t have any idea what to say to you to help you. I remember my mum would always be silent and say something like “oh. it looks “real” - what do you mean real? -mmh like it looks like a real photography from a magazine - NO KIDDING THIS IS MY JOB FOR LIKE TEN YEARS DAMNIT!” (I never said I was the most patient perfect person ever :D ) . Surround yourself by a positive tribe of people who are respecting your vision, who are understanding it and encouraging you work. 
For the challenge of one article a day, I am actually not by myself : we are three entrepreneurs doing it (the others have to publish one video a day, not easy either!!) We share a group on Facebook, and I find this HIGHLY motivating. We are pushing each other, we share our struggles, and whatever happens I know there are at least two people who are expecting to read my work everyday! I just don’t want to disappoint them, and I don’t feel alone in this adventure anymore :) 

I would say the last one is to be more mindful, and to challenge our vision of perfection :

Is spending 6 more months on this really help us reach our goals? I am happy to accept how imperfect this website is at the moment, it has plenty of time to grow, it will change and evolve with me. I acknowledge the fact that my english is not perfect, but it’s alright, it does not matter : what matters is that I finally have a place to share my experiences with all of you, and that maybe it will help you somewhere in your life. This is more important to me than having a perfect logo (and that’s a passionate designer saying this!!) I acknowledge my fear of failing, I am not especially pushing it away, and it is here for sure, but I don’t let it take control of my life. “oh hey it’s you again! Yep I see you, and yep I am listening to you, and yep I understand why you are afraid but nope you are not in charge!”.

I am letting you on one of my favorite quote ever ever EVER from Chuck Palahniuk (the guy who wrote Fight Club <3 )

“The air will always be to filled with something. Your body too sore or tired. Your father too drunk. Your wife too cold. You will always have some excuse not to live your life.”

― Chuck Palahniuk, Haunted

Do you recognize yourself this article? Do you think perfection is blocking you from starting something? What would you do if failing was totally alright? I am really curious and would love to know your experience hehe :)