The power of change

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I am writing this because I got challenged by a friend to write and publish one article everyday for the whole month! This is absolutely TERRIFYING ahah but also super exciting because it does push me to let go, and to share even if it’s not perfect! Today is my first day, my website is not online (and it is DEFINITELY NOT READY!) but I figured a post on Facebook would do the job! It’s better than nothing for sure :) (Update : I HAVE A WEBSITE YAY!)

And I will start by opening a conversation around CHANGE (I could write a book on the matter :D) 

Long story short, I just arrived in Bali, and I am jet lagged, currently writing this in my room, which is (a bit) lost in the middle of rice fields, and I already have a cute gecko roommate (I didn’t decide how to name him, I am open to your suggestions!!) Also the tropical climate is a bitch and I already gave up on having straight hair for the next 28 days :D But I am peaceful and confident that was the right decision. 

So a few weeks ago I was not really happy with my life, had some health issues due to stress, and a few other stuff added on top. I was stuck on « tunnel vision mode », not finding any solutions to get better. Suddenly I had a bit of clarity, my brain went « HEY but you have absolutely NO REASON to stay if you don’t like it here! Change what you don’t like with your life! » The day after I booked my tickets, I called my clients who had photoshoots booked in march, hoping they would accept to wait april for their pictures (a bit worry they wouldn’t agree but they all said yes #tearsofgratitudel) And that’s pretty much it! Like every trip that I have, I decided not to plan, so I could make space for anything that can happen. I’d rather be free than to be stuck somewhere I don’t like :) 

Why am I here? So the truth is I am working on a new blog for photographers, to help them be more creative, and to deal with the struggles of a creative life (because this is a thing I definitely have experience in :D) I could not find the time nor the energy back home to make it happen. I believe we have the power to have the life we want, we can choose so much more than we think. So here I am, trying the digital nomad life I have always dreamt of :) One of the idea of buddhism philosophy is « accept it or change it » I am constantly keeping this idea on the back of my mind that if I am unhappy with something, and I can change it, I will work to change it. But if I can’t change it , then I have to remember that I can’t be loosing my energy to fight against it. Resistance toward the things we have no control upon is exhausting us, and we don’t have any good vibes left for the important things we can actually fight for! I hated having an 9-18h job and a boss so I changed it, I dreaded having to commute in Paris everyday for 2hours, so I changed it, and the winter is the season that is putting me back into depression every damn year, so why not leave? Don’t misunderstand me, I make it sound easy but it is not, it was not, it took me years to quit my job, and it took me years to live as a photographer, this is not a cool success story, but hey, change is hard, but living a life you don’t really want is even harder :) 

I would love to know what you think about this. For me, this advice was super powerful and this helped me let go of all my insecurities related to my body for example (I mean this is my face/ legs/ feet/ anything, I’d better accept it because we are kinda stuck living together anyway!) And now it helps me to grow spiritually and to understand that I am not stuck being the low confidence shy blond girl I once was :)  What are things would you like to change in you life but you feel you are resisting? What are the thing you would like to accept but are still fighting? What’s your biggest block when it comes to live the life you truly want? I had SO MANY (still have some for sure) but I know that if I am doing just a step in the right direction everyday that’s already something :) 

Love to all! 
(des bisous tout moites!)