1 article a day for 1 month - halfway there!

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When my friend told me she was going to challenge me to write one article a day for a month, her main argument was : « I want you to learn seven times faster than if you were writing only one article a week » 

Which makes so much sense! So if you are hesitating in joining a challenge like this, here are the lessons I have been learning so far the last two weeks! 

- The BIGGEST one : I’ve learnt to let go even if it’s no perfect 
I don’t pour my heart and soul in each article, but a job that I have to deliver. I still write everything with love, but I am more detached from what I am creating and I needed this SO MUCH

- The second MASSIVE one : I could NOT have done it by myself. Being pushed and supported in this challenged has made all the difference. Plus it is not only me, I am holding at least two people accountable and I just can’t not deliver my article everyday, because I don’t want to disappoint them.

- The third HUGE one : It taught me to show up, and to deliver, EVERY DAMN DAY. Even exhausted, even not wanting to do it, even when I don’t have any ideas, and my brain is all melted, and I just want to go to sleep or go on a week end. This is a job, not a passion project anymore, and if I want this thing to work (and it will) I have to consider it seriously. 

- Time is extensible : the more time you have the more you spend
If I have the whole day to write an article, I will use it, and If I have just one hour, I will take one hour! So what if I could take one hour and then have the whole day to do something else? 

- I am on the process of learning to be more concise : that’s a tough one for me, and I need more experience, I have ideas all over the place, and it is really hard to do small light easy to read more entertaining articles! 

- Fear can become a habit : I get less stressed out about sharing my work, because I am not asking myself hundreds of questions about me being legit to do this or not, I just don’t have time to do it! I don’t have impostor syndrome, I know I am learning, that this is a journey that I am glad to finally be sharing with you! 

- I found a method and I am being more efficient (and less all over the place!) : I am writing all my ideas for one article as they come on a draft, and open another window by the side, to write down the final organized proper article (I have no idea how people usually do blog post!) 

I also have not so positive lessons, because this challenge is not easy for sure. So here are a bit of the downsides : 

I feel highly frustrated because writing the articles takes up so much time and mental space in my mind, I feel I am not getting anything else done. I have the feeling that my project is not moving on fast enough, I barely have the time to finish the website properly, let alone starting to work on social medias. I also know that when I am going to be back in France, I will have to work for my portrait clients again and I won’t have as much time at all. Also I definitely need a REAL break : like two full days not touching this website, not writing nor posting anything : and to achieve this goal I have to get twice done in a shorter amount of time! 

I would definitely recommend doing a challenge like this one if you want to get better at something QUICKLY. My friends are doing « one video every day for a month » (which is a tough one as well!) And as a photographer I would recommend to do the « one creative photograph every day » : I can see how you will learn and grow and push your limits for sure!  

Have you ever done a weird challenge like this? Would you like to try someday?